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Comfortable stiletto heels- yes, ladies, engineers can help with that!

Posted on November 1, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Women love high-heeled shoes. The most common reason why is simple, they make the wearer feel good. The height of women's heels have also been linked to the state of the economy. The higher the heels in fashion, the worse the economy, as reported by IBM in 2011. But, while high heels make you look great, feel tall and confident, we all know the pain this can cause in your feet that extends to your knees and even to your back.

But do high heels really have to be uncomfortable to make you look fashionable?


Dolly Singh, a founder of Thesis Couture, doesn't think so. She noticed that this painful problem can be solved by an engineering approach. Just like office chairs and athletes' shoes, the design of high heels can also be ergonomic, while providing fashionable good looks. At Thesis Couture, a team consisting of an astronaut, rocket scientist, and engineers are working together to make comfortable pairs of stylish high heels. One of the key features of the new high heels is using a polymer resin mixture material for the heel support - instead of the typical metal rod. Currently, the team is in its final stage of completing the design, working on the optimization of weight distribution and fine-tuning the style of the shoes.


Thesis Couture and its effort to change the nearly century-old problem of uncomfortable high heels have been featured in numerous media, including Bloomberg Business, NewsWeek, and C&EN (Chemical and Engineering News).

- Written by Eugene Choi, Edited by Paulette Clancy

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