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Fashion-forward Fibonacci skirts

Posted on November 11, 2015 at 7:40 PM

Origami has made an interesting recent incursion into the scientific field that seeks to understand soft matter. How did the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding become a popular topic in science ? Well, origami's ability to facilitate transformations into different shapes is actually a result of a sophisticated combination of mathematics and physics. One recent application of origami in science included graphene origami which allows metamaterials to be created with unique mechanical properties.


Now science in returning the favor to the fashion world. Ms. Lea Freni, founder and designer for a fashion clothing company, Vogel, was inspired by an origami folding pattern project presented at the 2015 American Physical Society meeting. She saw an opportunity to transform such patterns into fashion design. Freni collaborated with Ms. Uyen Nguyen, a mechanical engineering student in Prof. Itai Cohen's group in Physics at Cornell University to design a "Fibonacci skirt" that uses origami principles. The skirt can change its silhouette in the same way that origami can fold and unfold, while keeping the waist measurement unchanged. The design was recently showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week. Interested in learning more about the Fibonacci skirt? Click here to watch the video!

- Written by Eugene Choi, Edited by Paulette Clancy

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