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Women Nanoscientists Feature Prominently as Plenary Presenters at the MRS Virtual Conference in Dublin on the 'Frontiers of Microscopy,' April 2013

Posted on June 22, 2013 at 10:45 AM

The considerable and growing impact of women nanoscientists in the field of microscopy was manifest at the April 2013 MRS virtual conference on the “Frontiers of Microscopy” where three of the six plenary presenters were female.


Rebecca Nicholls, a professor at Oxford University, U.K., spoke of her work on “EELS and its Application in the Characterization of Low-Dimensional Materials.” As one example, she showed the use of EELS to study individual carbon nanotubes and graphene.


Caterina Ducati, Cambridge University U.K., showed how high-res electron microscopy and tomography can help us evaluate the morphology and surface/interfacial properties of oxide photoanodes, such as TiO2 ZnO and SnO2 for use as solar cells.


Valeria Nicolosi, of Trinity College Dublin, described how aberration correction has improved visualization, e.g., for TEM in a talk titled: “Observing the Nanoworld: Electron Microscopy in the 21st Century.” Examples of the improvements that this has allowed included the identification of individual adatoms and vacancies in inorganic nanowires (e.g., MoSI nanowires) and, not surprisingly, graphene and graphene-like crystals.

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